Roy Pocket Sketchbook

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Roy Pocket Sketchbook

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WHAM! POW! Explosive graphic text amidst a sea of blue dots surround this famous Pop artist. Dressed in a bright blue shirt and khaki apron, the artist holds a paintbrush, the tool he used to evoke emotion through formulaic technique. Embedded within the cover, the figure can be removed and used as a bookmark or as decoration for the home. The sketchbook is lightweight and compact and can easily be laid flat. Consisting of 10 pages of heavyweight cartridge paper as well as 40 of notepaper, the leaves can be removed so you can pin up your inspiring ideas. Pick up a pen - inspire, and be inspired. - Removable icon bookmark - Hard craft card backing - Heavyweight cartridge paper - Lightweight notepaper - Lies flat, opens at 180° - Removable pages - Pocket sized

Clifford Richards.

Size: 4.5" high x 3.25" wide x .25" deep

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