Suchitra Mattai Scarf

Suchitra Mattai Scarf

Suchitra Mattai Scarf

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Like Suchrita Mattai's painting and sculptures, this elegant scarf displays complex layers of history while empowering a joyful vision of there and now. Inspired by her Indo-Caribbean heritage, Mattai has incorporated methods of weaving and embroidery into her work.  


Suchrita Mattai

Mattai is a multi-disciplinary artist of Indo-Caribbean descent. Her experiences living in several countries and cultural contexts have greatly shaped her artistic practice.

Mattai interests included how memory allows us to unravel and re-imagine historical narratives. Mattai primary pursuit is to give voice to people whose voices were once quieted. Using both her own family’s ocean migrations and research on the period of colonial indentured labor during the 19th Century, Mattai seek to expand our sense of “history.”

Materials: 100% silk. Screen printed.

Made: in Italy

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