Meloria Ball Candle - Medium

Meloria Ball Candle - Medium Black

Meloria Ball Candle - Medium

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The Meloria candles derive their name from one of the historical symbols of the city of Livorno, the “Torre delle Meloria” (Tower of the Meloria).

The Meloria Ball Candle is a top-quality candle made using the lacquer technique, an artisan method that creates a polished finish that resembles glass. Cereria Graziani, the makers of the Meloria Candle, is one of the last manufacturers in Italy that still uses this technique. These Meloria Ball Candles are suitable for any setting, from casual gathering to formal events. Cluster them together in varying colors and sizes on a long tray, mixed with flowers as an interesting tablescape or add them to a console or bookshelf.

Burn time for Medium candle is 86 hours. The extremely reflective finish of these ball candles is achieved through a handmade process by Cereria Graziani’s artisans. Each candle is initially dyed by immersing it in a special wax bath for 24 hours. The candle is then immersed in a natural cellulose-based varnish which takes up to six days to dry. Graziani doesn't use ovens to accelerate this process; rather, the company believes that a slow and natural drying system guarantees an excellent product.


Since 1805 the Graziani company has been manufacturing candles at their factory in Livorno, in the region of Tuscany. Their passion for this craft and extensive knowledge of the same and its trade secrets have been handed down from father to son for seven generations. These, combined with the most current technologies and continuous testing, have given life to candles that represent the perfect fusion between chemistry, history and craftsmanship.

Materials: Lacquered Paraffin Wax

Made: Italy

Size: 120 mm

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