One Pan Meals Spice Kit

One Pan Meals Spice Kit

One Pan Meals Spice Kit

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Delicious and dynamic enough for entertaining, but easy enough for a weeknight dinner. Indulgent spice blends elevate simple, healthy ingredients to satisfying new heights.

Scan the QR codes for the recipes and additional ingredients to pick up and enjoy the satisfaction of trying a new dish without having big jars of spice left over.

Includes spice kits for four recipes: Hot Honey Roasted Chicken & Carrots, Jerk Veggies with 7-Minute Eggs, Sichuan-Glazed Beef & Umami Mushrooms, and Warm Spiced Salmon & Coconut Greens.

(4) Cards Included
(1) - Hot Honey Roasted Chicken & Carrots
(1) - Jerk Veggies with 7-Minute Eggs
(1) - Sichuan-Glazed Beef & Umami Mushrooms
(1) - Warm Spiced Salmon & Coconut Greens

Occo co-founders Connie Wang and Lisa Carson were inspired to find a better way to store and sell spices because of their own cooking frustrations.

Occo spices are deliciously fresh and flavorful, crafted from the sustainable, transparent supply chains of small-scale spice merchants who have established farm-level relationships over the years. Contrary to common belief, ground spices lose their essence within 3-6 months due to the effects of exposure to oxygen, light, heat, and humidity--factors that can all be found in the home. Their signature spice pods are portioned to contain a half-teaspoon of product and are kept airtight via a modified atmosphere packaging technique. The pods are produced from the most sustainable and recyclable material--aluminum--of which 75% remains in use today! The remainder of their packaging is composed of paperboard which is easily recycled alongside other paper and cardboard.

Materials: Materials: Spices, aluminum, paperboard and cardboard

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