Radical Scavenger(s) MCA

Radical Scavenger(s) MCA catalog

Radical Scavenger(s) MCA

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This catalogue accompanied the exhibition, Radical Scavenger(s): The Conceptual Vernacular in Recent American Art,   . The curation of the show showcased modern practice through the lens of concepts, with the MCA serving as a vaults of ideas conveyed by the most revolutionary art.

Kevin E. Consey (foreward), Richard Francis, Kathryn Hixson and Joseph Rykwert

Kevin E. Consey was director of the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago (1996)

Richard Francis was Chief Curator, James. W. Alsdorf Curator for Contemporary Art at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago

Kathryn Hixson was an educator, historian, curator, and critic who lived her entire professional life in Chicago.

Joseph Rykwert CBE is Paul Philippe Cret Professor Emeritus of Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania, and one of the foremost architectural historians and critics of his generation.

Materials: Paperback

Size: 12" x 9"

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