Two Tone Knit Gloves

Two Tone Knit Gloves Red & Grey

Two Tone Knit Gloves

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Two Tone Knit Gloves are a great unisex winter accessory. The patented technology invented by EVOLG makes them highly conductive while maintaining original comfort and warmth enabling touch screen capability and outstanding heat retention. 

Established in 2010 in Tokyo, Japan, EVOLG is a leading manufacturer of outdoor gloves. The brand name “EVOLG,” a reverse reading of GLOVE, comes from Japanese child word-play. True to its playful origin, EVOLG creates unique, fan, fashionable gloves. EVOLG’s main feature is “e-fingertip technology”. They invented conductive yarn by mixing ionized copper oxide and titanium into cotton before the spinning process, allowing gloves to have precise touch screen capability.

Materials: Acrylic 79.1%, Nylon 14.3%, Wool 4.2%, Polyester 1.8%, Polyurethane 0.6%.

Made: Japan

Size: One size

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