Alessi Fiato Sul Collo Necklace

Fiato Sul Collo Necklace Silver

Alessi Fiato Sul Collo Necklace

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Mario Trimarchi's La Stanza dello Scirocco series, designed for Alessi, reflects his interest in what he calls "unstable geometry." Trimarchi has expanded on that theme to include jewelry with his Fiato Sul Collo Necklace, which is constructed of rectangular cards of mirror-polished stainless steel.

Fiato sul collo translates to English as "Breathing down your neck." Trimarchi says, "A piece of contemporary jewelry in steel, it speaks to the pride of the condemned to the constant bullfight against time. It's the translation of an ordinary moment of agitation to an ordinary day: fast 'n' furious and precious. It's an unexpected gem like featherweight thoughts, asymmetrical like a morning rain, disordered like the dreams of freedom. Breathing down your neck is a whispered wish for our unstable survival, for timeless beauty in a world that knows no time."
Mario Trimarchi.

Materials: Stainless steel

Made: Italy

Size: 7.5" long x 7" wide

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