Match Box - More Middle Fingers

Match Box - More Middle Fingers

Match Box - More Middle Fingers

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We've all had those days when a single middle finger just isn't enough to express our frustration with the world. Light your favorite candle with these matches to ease your frustration. 

4" wood safety matches with black tips. Whisper pink paper with gold foil stamp.

Open flames can be dangerous. Use matches with caution, away from children, and flammable materials. Always follow fire safety guidelines and never leave a burning match unattended.

Match Daddy

Founded in 2017, Match Daddy offers quality letter press paper featuring a ranger of design from traditional images to snarky comments. Designer Mitchell Pennell provides sardonic humor and love for beautiful things apply to an affordable product that everyone needs.

Materials: White grained wood with Antimony trisulfide and potassium chlorate for the match head

Made: Designed and printed in Chicago, IL

Size: Box: 4" x 2" Matches: Approx. 4"

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