Fatamorgana Mirage Mobile

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Fatamorgana Mirage Mobile

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Dreams can become reality with strength, courage, and determination. With the Fatamorgana Mirage Mobile, stay inspired to stay balanced and stay dedicated to achieving your goals.

Extra feature: You can replace one of the wings with a blue one that has been added for your convenience.
Ole Flensted for Flensted Mobile

Christian Flensted, in 1953 in Denmark, conceived of their signature stork mobile as a fun, clever, and personal present to honor the christening of his daughter Mette. Little could he have known that this simple craft, consisting of two straws and three paper storks, would lead to the founding of Flensted Mobiles--which retains the stork mobile in its catalogue to this day.

Materials: Serigraphical foil, wood

Made: Denmark

Size: 23.6" high x 23.6" wide

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