Hexe x MCA Coffee

Hexe x MCA Coffee

Hexe x MCA Coffee

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Made in collaboration with the Hexe Coffee Co x MCA Chicago, this Hexe Coffee whole bean roasted coffee features a burst of citrus rounded out by creamy milk chocolate.

This bolivian coffee roasted to a medium is an MCA favorite since day one. With a bold aroma and smooth taste, Hexe cofee is perfect for a great expresso or serve as your daily cup of coffee. 

Flavor profile: Molasses, cocoa, and citrus zest flavors with tart acidity and mild sweetness. 

Hexe Coffee Co X MCA Chicago

Founded in Chicago, Hexe Coffee Co started supplying cold brew and coffee to local markets and festivals and soon expanded to a coffee shop.

Materials: Bolivian Whole Bean Roasted Coffee with brood medium roast

Size: 12 oz

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