Miffy Knit Keychain - Rainbow

Miffy Knit Keychain - Rainbow

Miffy Knit Keychain - Rainbow

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This Miffy keychain is too cute to pass up! Reminiscent of the Miffy Plushie, add this adorable keychain to your keys and carry Miffy with you everywhere.\

Miffy Knit Keychain is a soft keychain companion representing Dick Bruna’s simple yet iconic bunny rabbit creation. Miffy is a fictional rabbit, a lovable incarnation of the star of the picture books drawn and written by the Dutch artist.

Just Dutch

These back-to-basics artistically hand-woven plush are inspired by the world-renowned bunny Miffy and Friends created by Dutch artist Dick Bruna. Using natural organic cotton and wood, Just Dutch toys are handmade by workers with disabilities, and profits help support a community of disadvantaged women to maintain a stable income in Vietnam. Artistic and meaningful, parents and kids alike will fall in love with this beautiful iteration of Miffy and gain a cuddly new friend along the way.

Materials: 100 % Cotton

Size: 4.3 x 2 x 1.3 In

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