Astrological Storming Candle

Astrological Storming Candle 7.8 oz

Astrological Storming Candle

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Smells like full moons and mercury in retrograde.

Sandalwood and Incense - If it ever feels like things are going haywire, burn this candle for instant satisfaction. Astrological Storming opens with light hints of apple and pear, followed by exotic violet notes and rich base notes of sandalwood and incense.

Burns for 40 - 50 hours.
Anecdote Candles

Crafted with inspiration from cherished memories and current cultural influences, every candle is thoughtfully created to evoke stories worth sharing. Anecdote Candles are meticulously poured by hand in Brooklyn, NY, using a unique blend of coconut-soy wax that ensures a clean burn and and captivating aroma. The fragrances are free of phthalates and meet stringent IFRA guidelines. All raw materials are responsibly sourced from domestic suppliers, with a focus on East Coast locales to reduce our carbon footprint.

Materials: Glass, coconut-soy wax, cotton core wick

Size: 2.6" diameter and 3.75" height

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